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Sep. 1948


1.555070760 billion yen


  1. Manufacture and sale of cable and assemblies,
  2. Manufacture and sale of electric and electronic equipment,
  3. Design, execution, and management and contract work of electrical work and telecommunications work,
  4. Manufacture and sale of medical equipment and parts for medical equipment,
  5. Real estate leasing and management,
  6. Any businesses incidental to the above.

Main banks:

  • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (Oomori Branch),
  • Mizuho Bank, Ltd. (Oomori Branch),
  • The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. (Oomori Branch),

Annual Sales:

24.161 billion yen (consolidated, fiscal year ended March 2017), 11.044 billion yen (non-consolidated, fiscal year ended March 2017)


2,521 (consolidated, as of end March 2017), 360 (non-consolidated, as of end March 2017)

Directors and Auditors:

Member of the Board:
Kazuo Sumita
Member of the Board:
Yuichi Shino
Member of the Board:
Yuji Meguro
Member of the Board:
Hiroshi Ukaji
Member of the Board:
Tomiji Yusa
Member of the Board:
Megumi Numata
Member of the Board:
Takashi Hashimoto
Standing Auditor
Member of the Board:
Hiroshi Abe
Member of the Board:
Yasuhiro Ebe
Chief Executive Officer:
Yuichi Shino
Executive Officer:
Masanori Kimura
Chief of ME Dept.
Executive Officer:
Yuichiro Shiina
Chief of Sales Dept.
Executive Officer:
Takao Ishido
Chief of Cable Business Dept.
Executive Officer:
Kenichi Sawaguchi
Chief of Device Dept.
Executive Officer:
Hiroshi Hidaka
Chief of Power Supply Cord Dept.
Executive Officer:
Yoshitaka Onozeki
Chief of Automotive Cable Dept.

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