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Prestige?@Continuing to be a company with prestige based on its unique technological, information, and response capabilities, the Hirakawa Hewtech Group actively conducts product development.

Technological capability

The HIRAKAWA HEWTECH Group considers product development applying the cable extrusion technology (technology to sheath the conductor of a cable with an insulator) it has developed over the years a major pillar of its activities. Thus as a core activity of the Group, we are dedicatedly conducting research and development of products such as high-precision and high-speed-transmission cables to support the field of digital electronics, which is characterized by rapid technology changes, wavelength division multiplexing transmission equipment and optical multiplexing transmission systems for the fields of high-speed large-capacity communication services and broadcasting, and high-performance medical tubes for the medical and analysis fields.

Information capability

By continuing to be a company with the technological uniqueness to fully meet market needs and that actively creates proposals, we share the same values with our customers and build systems that allow us to demonstrate our technological capabilities. In the area of sales, we use market managers in each market area, who are each in charge of monitoring market trends in their respective market, formulating development strategies, and overseeing the entire range of operations from order receipt to commercialization. These market managers use their authority and responsibility on a daily basis to speedily meet situations. In the area of technology and manufacturing, we have introduced a streamlined division system organized by product group that facilitates close coordination by market, based on the keywords of "Simple and Direct", "Market-In", and "Quick Decision-Making and Comprehensive Strength", in order to meet customer needs in a quick and flexible manner.

Response capability

As social structures, systems, and awarenesses quickly evolve and the business environment, in which we operate, changes at a rapid pace around the whole world, response capability through corporate reform is needed. The HIRAKAWA HEWTECH Group meets this challenge in a strategic and decisive manner, not only in terms of keeping up technical innovation, but also by adapting to social structure changes, including globalization, informatization, environmental problems, and corporate governance.

Diversification of business fields based on
commonality of technologies and markets