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Yuichi Shino

HIRAKAWA HEWTECH CORP., which started out as a manufacturer specialized in electric wires for the electrical and electronic industries, has consistently pursued leading-edge technologies that fill the needs of the times, all the while holding the view that being "a company with prestige" should be our foremost aim. A high level of "technological uniqueness" and "product superiority" confer maximum prestige to a manufacturer through the resulting "only one" status. Further, creating a company capable of gathering a maximum amount of information of all kinds requires constant efforts to refine one's technologies and strengthen the superiority of one's products. The source of the prestige our company aims for is development capabilities, information capabilities, and response capabilities, and we are working to improve all three aspects in an upward spiral as a concerted effort involving all divisions. In recent years, markets have been merging and discrete fields are becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish. The various fields within the large framework of digital technology are currently merging in a major way, becoming interrelated. This fusion of various fields requires equipment that plays an interconnecting role, and more than ever, we need to proactively fill the strong need for such cables and equipment. For this purpose, we must build stronger links with information technology related companies by exploiting our sales capabilities. This age offers exciting opportunities to further expand the technological scope of the HIRAKAWA HEWTECH group. To grasp these opportunities, we aim to continue offering products suitable for the times through the dedicated efforts and spirit of challenge of each and every one of our employees, including our overseas affiliates promoting the international division of labor in manufacturing, sales, and engineering.